Welcome to Pearl's Stony Creek Farm

We are a small family farm located in the Warwick Valley. The area is known for its farms and artisan community where the locals love to practice the ‘Farm to Table’ ideal and celebrate locally produced products coming from the many apple orchards, breweries, wineries, distilleries, veggie farms and now a new raw milk dairy.

Farmer Bob (as our boys call him) operates the dairy with care, experience, and help from Mr. Fix-It, his father, Bob Sr. Fran helps with everything involving cows. She truly loves her cows, especially the babies, and she names every one of them. Furthermore, she can tell you their genealogy without even looking at a book once.

Larry, formally of Iowa, cares for his Arabian horses, and all the other animals on the farm including his wife’s menagerie of sheep (Finn and Babydoll), donkeys (the miniature kind), chickens, two emu, a few peacocks, and too many cats (he claims). Our middle son is of the opinion that there can NEVER be too may cats! We also have two dogs, one small, Rosie, and one large, Murphy. Murphy is an Irish Wofhound who joined us after our beloved 12 year old "Murphy #1" passed away. Larry and his wife are both involved in local sports and organizations that the children participate in.

Larry manages the overall farm while his wife makes handmade soaps, often using our milk and/or beer from a local brewery. Oh yes, we also sell fresh eggs when available.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

mare and foal
mini donkeys